The Kick-off meeting of the RobWood project was held in Graz, Austria on December 16, 2016.
The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH.

The main purpose of this meeting was to create a common understanding and to start a fruitful discussion on the concrete project activities, aims and milestones.

The RobWood project aims to increase flexibility in different contexts of production processes in timber construction industry. With a clear focus on enabling small and medium sized timber companies to exploit robotics in a “traditional” production environment by facilitating the direct translation of CAD plans into robot language. The RobWood approach uses model-based programming methods, which will enable companies to carry out the data transfer from the CAD file to the production machine without any deeper knowledge on traditional robot programming.


from left to right
1. Gerhard Paar JR-DIG
2. Sandra Murg JR-DIG
3. Herwig Zeiner JR-DIG
4. Michael Hofbaur JR-ROB
5. Víctor Juan Expósito Jiménez JR-DIG
6. Harald Mayer JR-DIG
7. Erhard Pretterhofer Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH
8. Mathias Brandstötter JR-ROB
9. Matthias Völkl ABB
10. Siegfrid Salchenegger ASC Performance OG
11. Stefan Maier RIB SAA Software Engineering GmbH
12. Philip Harrer Zarnhofer Holzbau GmbH
13. Florian Salmhofer JR-DIG
14. Manfred Zarnhofer Zarnhofer Holzbau GmbH
15. Ernst Lederwasch Zarnhofer Holzbau GmbH
16. Robert Jöbstl Haas Fertigbau Holzbauwerk GesmbH & Co KG

Work Packages Overview

Kick off meeting