The first end-user workshop focussed  on the existing technical setting of the timber company Haas Fertigbau Holzbauwerk GesmbH & Co KG and their specific requirements for the assembling of prefabricated timber frame walls. The participants were given a detailed explanation of the complete production chain from the production of the nail plate trusses until the on-site wall assembly of the single elements OSB board, vapor barrier and gipsum board with the production steps handling, cutting, stapling and drilling. Additionally a video presentation demonstrated the assembly of the prefab timber frame walls on the construction site.
In the subsequent discussion, the main focus was placed on the timber frame wall production. Here the application requirements were outlined for an automated applying of OSB board, vapour barrier, gipsum panel by a standard ABB robot. Furthermore, the challenges of the process of fastening the various layers to the timber frame and in the post-processing steps (drilling of power outlets, etc.) were detailed and discussed in the context of robotics.

RobWood User Workshop