The second stakeholder workshop was held at the master carpentry company Zarnhofer Holzbau GmbH. The company employs up to 18 people depending on the seasonal production demand. The workshop has appr. 800 square meters where single family houses are manufactured. Every family house is planned and produced individually according to end user requirements, therefore the production chain is not configured for mass production.

Although Zarnhofer Holzbau GmbH is significantly smaller than Haas Fertigbau, the company faces basically the same challenges in planning and production although the company targets a different market segment. In order to identify potential differences in the requirements of the production set-up, the production process was shown and discussed with the participants. The discussion revealed that a direct comparison of the production organization between Zarnhofer Holzbau and Haas Fertigbau was very difficult. The experts needed to regard sub-processes and single production steps to come up with a common position. As a result of the second workshop the first interface concerning process specifications, data requirements, and data flow was drafted by the participating companies.





RobWood User Workshop II