Workshops March and April 2016

One achieved aim of the previous workshops was to explain and visualize the data flow from the CAD software in use to the actual robot unit.
During the meeting both companies, Haas and Zarnhofer, presented their CAD system and described the whole planning process and data flow by using practical examples. The CAD System of the two industrial partners is different.
As an important result, the varieties and similarities in the work flows were demonstrated and compared. The participants from research agreed, that the provision of the workflows of the different software systems allows to move forward in the project and to clearly define the general RobWood production framework along with the specifications for the data interfaces required as a next step.

Another issue was the robot cell structure. The experts within the RobWood consortium, ABB and RIB SAA, presented their concept. By using a practical example the robot processing of a complete timber frame wall with all relevant manufacturing steps was regarded. As a specific challenge for robot cell structures for prefabricated timber elements, the large scale of the elements must be considered.
For an integrated approach, the workflow from the CAD/CAM software and the manual input required were discussed in the context of technological requirements, process efficiency and worker safety. At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed that key design aspects for the human – machine interfaces are process quality, worker interaction and overall safety requirements.

Dataflow and Robot Cell Structure