First test of timber frame wall cladding 04/11/16

The identification of potentials for the use of robotics in the production of timber frame walls is of high relevance to the project partner Haas Fertigbau.

In several previous workshops, challenges concerning the data flow and the production process for wooden walls have already been identified.
In a follow up step the interface between CAD software and  robot unit respectively robot unit and robot cell was defined. In a first test application the interface was utilized for the planking of a wooden post and beam element in original scale at the Engineering Center Wood in Zeltweg.
The precision-demanding production steps of cutting and positioning OSB boards on the beams were performed by an idustrial robot. The entire workflow including the tool change system was evaluated during the test run with a focus on efficiency and accuracy. Both the manipulation and the positioning of the OSB elements on an existing post-beam structure has been successful documented on video.

For the next test run the cutting of gypsum boards and the fastening of OSB and gypsum board with staples is foreseen.

Video of the test run at the ECW in Zeltweg

RobWood consortium announces first results in test cases