The first live application workshop on robot processing took place at Engineering Center Wood (ECW) in Zeltweg, Styria. Since 2012 Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH is operating the ECW as an industrial scale prototype workshop dedicated to the wood industry. The participants were introduced to the entire prototype production workshop based on an IRB 6640 industrial robot, including a robot cell and tool changing system. Due to the focus on wood processing, the plant is the perfect testbed for the first trials in the project.
Before the actual test run, the theoretical background and the design of the use case was presented by the project partners ABB and ASC.
The presentation of Mr. Völkl from the company ABB showed various applications of robotics and explained the data formats used along the toolchain, the layer structures and the applied postprocessors. Mr. Salchenegger from ASC continued with a demonstration on the use of the 3D visualization program Rhino as an important component in the generation of a valid robot code.

In the course of this project meeting all participants were able to sharpen their understanding of the entire process, such as:

  • Formats and layers used in the data transfer
  • Toolchains for the generation of robot code
  • Automated production applications
  • Limits of robotic systems

After the test-run, Holzcluster invited to a follow-up discussion on the lessons learned.

RobWood team meets industrial robot IRB6640